Saturday, September 6, 2014

Village Bakery - At The Armory

Back in February Karen schlepped a couple of sandwiches from the original Pittsford Village Bakery and they were great, even with the delivery time downtown. Last week I thought I'd return the favor and deliver breakfast before work seeing as how there's a Village Bakery in the city now, just blocks from Karen's house.

I was surprised to see the place empty on a work day (maybe I beat the rush?) but was thrilled as I was anxious to deliver these before she had to leave for work. I ordered two of The Alex (for location comparison from the first Village Bakery review). A few minutes passed and I ordered a drink and a scone to go. A few people trickled in. I sipped my tea while looking around at the white tile. I waited a few more minutes. I looked out the window to see if it had cleared up yet, then I looked through the little kitchen window to see if there was actual movement back there. I did see someone prepping some food. "Soon," I thought. I waited a couple more minutes.

After my morning meditation wait I headed over to Karen's to surprise her with breakfast. Oh, did I mention it was her birthday? It was. And I did surprise her, especially when she didn't hear me come in over the water running. Heeeelarious. Anyway, we sat down to eat and even though her house is mere blocks and minutes away from The Armory, the toast was already kind of soggy. We dug in. No pesto in this bite. Next bite had no chevre. Then I remembered that there was a mound of Arugula on the first Alex I tried. This had about five limp leaves. This sandwich was not very well assembled and a bit of a dud. It didn't inspire as much hostility as this burrito disaster, but was disappointing given the price and the amount of time spent making the damn thing. Everybody has an off day, and I'm guessing this was one of them.

Long story short, I had to wait a long time and they came up short.

Village Bakery
Sandwich cost: $6.95
Rating: Below average breakfast sandwich at an above average price

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