Friday, July 4, 2014

Eddie's Restaurant - Road Trip Entry

If you're looking for some low-key adventure and want to do a little bit of time travel, head on over to Sylvan Beach on the shore of beautiful Oneida Lake. A tiny town with an aging amusement park, beach for swimming, lots of rental cottages, cute Main street, and Eddie's Restaurant - a mainstay for 80 years.

Eddie's looks as though it got a major remodel in the 70s but is still in great shape: large dining room with a faint fried fish smell from their famous fish fry, vinyl upholstered chairs and booths, and brass metalwork dividers. Our party of six was seated at the end of a long row of tables near the back and we looked over our menus. The kids already knew they were getting the hot ham sandwich but I headed over to the breakfast side of the menu. Hot damn! Hot ham on a breakfast sandwich! Done!

We had to wait a bit for our food but when it came I was treated to an American flag toothpick in mine. It was then that I realized that this sandwich was not just for me, but for all of America.

As for the actual sandwich, it was pretty good. The roll was a firmer version of a hard roll with some corn meal sprinkled on top for texture, egg was a perfectly round circle of hard scramble, American cheese (obbbviously) was melty, and the hot ham, well, you can see the hot ham was plentiful. I grabbed my fork and ate some the ham to start just to get the sandwich to a bite-able height and the capicola was good - very spicy, not too fatty, reminded me more of corned beef than ham. On to the sandwich, unfortunately with that mound of ham and the giant disk of egg the proportions were a little off but when you got the cheese mixing in with the ham it was fantastic. I didn't get potatoes with mine though I did try some of the homemade chips that Karen got and they were pretty fabulous.

Eddie's Restaurant
Sandwich cost: $6.99
Rating: That's a big pile of hot....ham.

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