Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Highland Park Diner

Man, the egg sandwiches are piling up on my phone - Time to spread the breakfast sandwich gospel! Can I get a witness!? No? How 'bout a decent roll then? No? How about a pita stuffed with scrambled eggs, gyro meat, onion, tomatoes, and feta? Hell yes!

Sunday brunch with out of town friends at the Highland Park Diner after working four back to back twelve hour days; It was time for a substantial meal. Highland Park Diner has several sandwich options but the Gyro one sounded best, with the added bonus of a pita instead of a roll (and it was a damn fine pita). I was not disappointed, it was friggin' great. Like an omelet in a pita, but still manageable to eat in your hands like a sandwich. Potatoes were good, too - flavorful with crunchy grilled edges.

Highland Park Diner
Sandwich cost: $7.49 (includes home fries, grits, or fresh fruit)
Rating: Wholly worthwhile

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