Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mr. Goody's Red Wing Diner

A couple of weekends ago I noticed Mr. Goody's while driving up N. Clinton on my way to Atlas Eats and vowed to come back and check it out. Brian was visiting from out of town for the weekend and I asked him if he was up for an adventure. Indeed he was: egg sandwiches and estate sales here we come.

At 11am the tiny square dining room was pretty full and lively but after bumping a cook off a back table the waitress seated us in the booth by the kitchen. We checked out the menus and looked around. Great menu board behind the counter, lots of sunlight streaming in to counteract the heavy diner smells, and lots of corrugated plastic signs and faded posters (Obama, Michael Jordan, and Dr. J in view from our table). I didn't see breakfast sandwiches on the menu but ordered one anyway.
"Ham, bacon, or sausage?"
"I'll have...sausage."
"Beef or pork?"
I was too hungry to think: "Which do you recommend?"
"I don't!" Brian and I laughed as she leaned in to the table. "When you've been working as a waitress as long as I have you don't recommend a goddamned thing."
Point taken. I went with the pork sausage. I asked about my bread choices and she ran down the list: "White, wheat, hard roll, English muffin, or bagel." Of course I inquired about the roll.
"Yeah, it's a hard roll...Kaiser." This was the first time anyone has mentioned a Kaiser roll in a diner for a breakfast sandwich so I embraced optimism. And I got an order of home fries. Brian duplicated my order but opted for the English muffin.

A few minutes later our melamine plates arrived, mine with my breakfast sandwich on the dreaded hard roll, not a Kaiser by any stretch. Scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese were up to diner snuff, but man, that roll is just a bun of twisted Wonder bread. Home fries were decent, though unremarkable.

Mr. Goody's Red Wing Diner
1470 N. Clinton Ave, 14621
Sandwich cost: $3.50
Rating: An average breakfast sandwich

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