Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cheese Masters (Park Ave)

So, there's a grilled cheese store in town called Cheese Masters. They've got two locations, the original one at Eastview Mall in Victor and now a store on Park Ave. I love a good grilled cheese (geez, who doesn't!?) so one Wednesday Karen picked me up from work at lunchtime and we headed over to check it out. Oh, hey, look, they do a breakfast sandwich! Might as well try it...

As we waited for a grilled egg, bacon, and cheese on sourdough, a three melt classic, and a bowl of tomato soup we took a look around. Despite stepping over frozen mounds of snow getting out of the car it felt (and smelled) like an oceanside resort town snack bar. The air was heavy with melting butter and cheese, indoor picnic tables, sparsely decorated interior with white wainscoting - I shut my eyes for a second and could plainly see Cheese Masters wedged in between a souvenir stand and a fudge shop on a boardwalk somewhere. And then our food was ready.

With the red and white cardboard french fry boats our sandwiches came in I guess the snack food stand vibe was intentional. I took a look at my sandwich - the sandwich press doing its job had compressed the bread, egg, cheese and bacon into a solid sheet. I took a bite. Hmm, tastes like a grilled cheese. I took a second bite.

I think you know what it tasted like.

Cheese Masters
Sandwich cost: $3.99
Rating: Hey, someone put an egg in my grilled cheese!

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