Thursday, March 27, 2014

Atlas Eats

March has been busy, busy, busy but Karen and I took a moment to have breakfast out a couple Sundays ago at Atlas Eats in West Irondequoit. Actually, we were just stopping in to check out the baked goods but decided to stay when we saw they had a breakfast menu ready to go. The breakfast sandwich was bacon and a fried egg on a cheddar biscuit. The cheese is IN the bread! So, that's what I ordered.

Situated on a residential block of North Clinton, Atlas Eats is an odd little oasis;  Fairly unassuming from the street but bright and cheery inside. With a hot cup of tea in hand and breakfast on the way, looking out the large front windows at the gray landscape of suburbia trapped in perpetual winter didn't feel so bad.

Our food arrived and I was a little surprised to see spinach instead of potatoes next to my breakfast but I didn't let it shake me too much. I put the top of the biscuit over the generous amount of bacon and picked up the sandwich, egg and bacon hanging out of all four sides. This might be the best bacon I've had on an egg sandwich; Thick, salty, cooked to perfection - not too chewy and not overdone and crunchy. The egg oozed a little yolk onto the plate with the first bite and the biscuit was flaky and delicious. However, flaky also means it doesn't hold together so well. After a few sandwich bites I decided to just have at it with a fork which worked just fine.

Atlas Eats
Sandwich cost: $4.99
Rating: A delicious take on the breakfast sandwich

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