Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sam's Diner

Another Wednesday morning on E. Ridge Road. Time to check out Sam's Diner in the kooky Atrium Mall plaza (across the street from Medley Center, formerly The Irondequoit Mall, this seems to be the neighborhood of retail experimentation) but Sam's is a pretty traditional diner. I walked in at 8, all eyes up at me as I walked to the counter. No one behind it but a man in an apron is sitting on the last stool drinking coffee.

"Can I get two fried egg sandwiches to go, over easy?"
"How do you want them?"
"Can I get them fried, kinda runny?"
"You want them scrambled?"
"Ummmm, no, I'll take them fried over easy if I could..."
"Sure thing, hard roll? Meat?"
The question that vexes me every time. Do I spin the hard roll roulette wheel or should I see what my other options are? Still too early for me to make decisions I agreed to the hard roll and one sandwich with bacon and one with no meat. And an order of home fries. To go.

Well, no sense in dragging this out, it's the same damn roll of disappointment that's all over this town. And, true to form, it just smushes down into gooey nothing. I think it's time to stop hoping I'm gonna score some kind of crusty deliciousness at a regular diner. Next time I ask and see what they've got like I did at the Brockport Diner a few days ago:

"The roll for your breakfast sandwich...that a Petrillo's roll?"
" idea what that means."
"Does it have a knotted top?"
"It sure does!" Big laughs all around.
(It was late afternoon and I just needed some soup to warm me up so no sandwich to review yet.)

As for the eggs, even with the ordering confusion they were cooked to drippy perfection. American cheese for melted saltiness, and the bacon on mine added the extra salt and greasiness I like in a sandwich. Too bad about the roll. Trying to recall the home fries a week later...not bad, not great, kinda dry, kinda meh.

Sam's Diner
1780 E Ridge Road, Ste 6, Rochester, NY 14622
Sandwich cost: $3.75
Rating: It's a pretty good breakfast sandwich

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