Sunday, January 5, 2014

Balsam Bagels

Although this is the first breakfast sandwich I'm posting in 2014 it's not the first I've had. I made myself a fried egg and muenster cheese on a toasted onion nan the other day which was grand and also reminded me that switching up the bread is very rewarding. To that end comes today's sandwich: How do you avoid the Rochester hard roll? Go to a bagel store.

Sunday morning: Hungry, don't feel like sitting down anywhere pre-shower (especially Pittsford, though the promise of "whisked eggs with avocado pico de gallo" sounds fancy and delicious), so we're just gonna head over to the local bagel store which has some pretty decent bagels.

Karen ordered first: "Egg and cheese on an everything with veggie sausage, please." The bagels were still hot out of the oven but they offered to toast it for her. "Yes, please. With butter!" As they started her sandwich I realized that the eggs were pre-made, perfectly round scrambled patties grabbed from a bin, put in a microwave with the sausage patty on top. After deciding not to risk disappointment with microwaved bacon I went with the same order as Karen. We both opted for cheddar.

Coffee and juice in tow we headed home. A too quick photo session (which yielded the above blurry pics as I was very hungry), and we dove in.

What can I say, it's hard to fuck up an egg sandwich. Bagel was good- warm, soft yet yielding, egg, although made earlier in the day, was fluffy (a little salt and pepper in the preparation would've helped), and the veggie sausage was pretty good, too. Karen appreciated the vegetarian option offered and was very pleased with the sausage but for me the sandwich lacked the greasy saltiness that pork imbues. We both agreed that the cheddar was unidentifiable as cheddar. As chewy as the melted muenster I mentioned earlier and no discernable sharpness.

Balsam Bagels
Sandwich cost: $4.29
Rating: A hearty, no frills breakfast sandwich

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