Friday, December 20, 2013

Spiro's Family Restaurant

I've driven by Spiro's on State Street for over a decade and assumed it was out of business -  a casualty of Kodak's decline - but to my surprise they showed signs of life with some new Specials signs in the parking lot a couple of years ago.

Breakfast to-go on the way to work today: "Breakfast sandwich with bacon, please."

As my sandwich was being made I looked around. The place seems relatively untouched since it's Kodak heyday with the overall beigeness suggesting the cloud of cigarette smoke that used to hang in the air. A few regulars at tables and the counters doing crosswords, contractors coming in to get sandwiches to go, and what I'm guessing are sisters behind the counter and grill.

Sandwich, ketchup, salt and pepper packets in a brown bag and I'm off to work.

The glassine wrapper showed grease in the creases but it didn't worry me. I unwrapped it: another Rochester hard roll, buttery scrambled egg, real cheese, and two strips of bacon. Overall a little greasy, which suited it well.

Spiro's Restaurant, 490 State Street
Sandwich cost: $4.00
Rating: That's a pretty classic breakfast sandwich

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