Sunday, January 5, 2014

Scott's II

I was just coming off of a stomach bug and had been eating nothing but soup and crackers for three days and needed something more substantial in me, especially if this was going to be the start of my holiday shopping. The Public Market seemed like as good a place as any to get a tree and have breakfast.

I have no idea where Scott's I is but I do know that by the Railroad Street entrance to the Market, between Cherry's European and The Empanada Stop, is my favorite food shack: Scott's II. Behind the plywood and plexi winter walls sit the stools, steel counters, and no-frills open kitchen of the stand. We ordered two sandwiches (all you have to say), coffee and juice, and took a seat.

They've changed their rolls since the last time I've been there and was pleasantly surprised to not get a hard roll but instead a dense, chewy semi-rectangular roll for the fried egg and white American cheese to soak into (given this being my first day back on the eating horse I opted out of any meat.) That's a good sandwich, better than I remember, actually: lightly greasy, the egg neither hard nor soft, substantial bread that was grilled but not dripping with butter or margarine (though if it were grilled a bit longer it would be just about perfect).

Scott's II, Rochester Public Market
Sandwich cost: 3.00
Rating: A solid breakfast sandwich

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