Saturday, December 7, 2013

Comfort Diner

Of the many diners on East Ridge Road the Comfort Diner was the easiest one to get to at the moment, so that is where breakfast in bed was coming from. 

"Two egg and cheese on rolls." 
"You mean like a breakfast sandwich?"
To my chagrin the ordering took much more conversation than this but I typed it out, reread it, got bored, and deleted it, though it did include the phrase "over-easy" as the one time I like a runny egg is on a sandwich. A couple minutes later I got my three cartons (two sandwiches and home fries), paid my $7.99 and hit the road.

It never fails - if I don't order an egg hard I get it over-easy and today I ordered them over-easy only to get them well-done. Karen suggested the cook figured we wouldn't notice since the American cheese would be oozing all over our fingers anyway. Karen might be more generous than me. 

I chose "hard roll" from the list of choices I didn't tell you about and it was what I've come to expect in Rochester: a very soft dinner roll type of thing (A "hard roll" is soft, a soft roll is a hamburger bun. Don't ask me, I just live here). Don't get me wrong, it works fine for a breakfast sandwich, I just have no idea why you would set up the disappointment of not getting a crusty roll in the first place. Moving on...

Long and short of it, a totally average, adequate breakfast sandwich. Not bad, not to die for, but I will say that it was not greasy, nor was it made with margarine. 

If you were wondering about the potatoes, they were quite flavorful though styrofoam containers are the devil as I assume that is what made them so sad and soggy.

Comfort Diner
Sandwich cost: $2.95
Rating: It's a breakfast sandwich

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